Exposing 3 SEO Myths that Can Harm Your Business

For a variety of reasons, many internet marketers don't have a good understanding of how search engines work. The main reason why they aren't well understood is that the rules that they use change so often. One of the biggest challenges faced by search engines is fighting spam, which is why their formulas change so often. This has led to many people having incorrect ideas about search engine policies on how to increase your rank, how to get indexed quickly and the like. You need access to the real story and know how to recognize myths if you want to profit from SEO. So let's examine some commonly believed myths about SEO that you should be aware of.

If you want to rank high, you should optimize the long tail keywords. You can find this myth in many internet marketing circles. But no, you don't need to do any optimization work for the long tail keyword phrases, mainly because they are already uncompetitive and not many people are searching for these keywords in the search engines. It isn't much of a challenge to rank highly for long tail keywords. As long as you put these keywords into your content, you can rank for them, though this is not optimization. It's as easy as that. You can get some easy traffic from these keywords, as they require no special optimization effort.

Internet marketers often believe that tricking the search engines into ranking you check here is what search engine optimization is all about. What happens when you fool the search engines, though, is that you also wind up tricking the people who find your site through searches. If you get traffic using these methods, how well do you think it will convert? Real world SEO is all about working on optimizing your content, getting high quality backlinks and basically giving the search engines what they want.

There's nothing wrong with using tactics to help you as long as they are legitimate and not based on false ideas. Don't make the mistake of thinking short term, so use methods that will help you over the long haul.

Another myth is the fact that your site needs to be updated all the time, even though some think it has an effect on your SERP rankings. Frequently updating your website and adding new content on a regular basis will certainly increase the rate at which the search engines crawl your site but it won't do anything to grow your rankings. This means that you shouldn't make forced updates if your site doesn't need it simply to keep the search engines happy. The effect will be so insignificant, it simply isn't worth it. You will find that a lot of the popular niches have high ranking sites that haven't been updated in a long while.

The best approach to SEO is researching already perfected practices and implementing them on your site. As search engines change their way of looking at sites, you need to adjust your site content - this is the only real way to optimize your search ranking.

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